6m Bake HB9HTC/B   

Beacon in operation    -   3rd of December 2021.
HB9HTC/B 6m Beacon specifications  
Frequency: 50.435 MHz
Modulation: A1A (CW)
Speed: 10 WpM
Power: 3 W
Beacon Message: _carrier 10sec_HB9HTC/B_JN37WJ_ (continuous)
Antenna: Slim Jim - with 450Ω ladder line
Polarization: Vertical
QTH Locator: JN37WJ (CH-4634 Wisen/Kanton SO)
Altitude: 720 m.a.s.l
Operating time: 24h
Beacon Team Hugo HB9BMD and Martin HB9ARK
Description:  6m Beacon English
Beschreibung:  6m Bake Deutsch

your observation - send a signal-report to HB9HTC/B - tnx 73 

Wisen SO - Location of HB9HTC/B