Our methodology 

The HTC CW Commission shows how anyone can learn Morse Code. Morse Code classes are generally organized in the metropolitan areas of larger cities. As an alternative, the HTC offers self-study under the direction of our Morse Code elmers for individuals and groups. In general, attending a Morse Code training class once a week is still the best option. By getting in touch with the CW Commission we can review possible options with you.

MCT – Morse Code Training broadcasts
To assist hams in maintaining their Morse Code skills, the HTC conducts a weekly training broadcast (see the section on MCT).

You can master Morse Code only if you have the desire to learn and practice daily. In practical terms, it's similar to learning a foreign language.

The goal is to be able to use CW in actual ham radio situations. To really enjoy CW, you should master Morse Code so that you can send and receive text fluidly in a relaxed fashion. The parallel to learning a foreign language also applies here.

Morse Code software:
The HTC makes exclusive use of the HQX practice software.  Because of it, we can discuss matters related to practice more easily and help each other – we have our own specialists! The HQX software offers a variety of specific practice methods. Users don't need to waste any time evaluating the software; they can begin immediately learning Morse Code. In a single program, we have covered all the options for learning Morse Code known to us so that users can achieve their goal.

HTC Morse Code exam:
Nothing is possible without having goals and monitoring your progress!
This is especially the case when you're trying to learn Morse Code by yourself at home and have made multiple steps forward.  With the HQX practice software you can test your skills alone every practice session, and this even applies to sending Morse Code with a key. It was never our idea to introduce a Morse Code exam to the HTC in a traditional manner. With the Morse Code exam, it is our goal to help you attain the goal of reaching a level of proficiency that makes it fun to use CW, doing so step by step. For this, you must reach an advanced speed of at least 80 cpm / 16 wpm. You can take the advanced HTC Morse Code exam levels comfortably at home, in a familiar environment, all by yourself without any additional stress, just as if you were practicing.

Tips and recommendations on learning and mastering Morse Code using the free HB9HQX Morse 7 software (click link in blue text to download)