Learn Mose Code

One of the primary goals of the HTC is to promote the use of Morse Code. For this, the HTC has also established a training program. You can find all the information related to this topic here.
In earlier days, Morse Code characters received were written down in cursiv handwriting. This style of writing is no longer used in these parts of the world. Writing in block letters you can keep up with speeds up to roughly 80 cpm. Many people, however, these days are proficient with a keyboard. If you type the characters received on a computer keyboard, you can benefit from further helpful computer-supported methods of learning Morse Code.
Keep in mind, however, that writing down Morse Code text being received is required when starting out above all to check your work, and later on only for log entries. Advanced telegraphy operators, in contrast, do not write things down but instead copy the letters and words in their heads as they hear them. Thus, once you have mastered the Morse Code alphabet and receiving at slower speeds, we recommend that you move on to memory training.