Sale of radio-related items

The HTC web fleamarket and sale of materials

Here at the HTC web fleamarket we offer radios, test instruments, Morse Code devices, antennas along with materials useful for homebrewing.

The individual items are listed only on the German pages. However, the photographs and technical descriptions should give you a good idea of what is being offered. If you need more details about a given item, send an email to


  • The ability to offer equipment for sale is limited to HTC members, and there is no charge.
  • In an online offering, you must provide at least one e-mail address. 
  • A piece of equipment's condition and functionality (or lack thereof) must be stated completely and to the best of your knowledge.
  • We provide three categories of equipment for sale as follows

Category 1:   

  • The sale is conducted completely by the seller using his e-mail address.
  • The seller informs the HTC when the item has been sold.
  •  Items that remain unsold after 6 months are removed from the listings.

Category 2:   

  • The sale of material that has been donated to the HTC.
  • The HTC arranges for listing the equipment along with a suitable description; its sale or if necessary disposal is handled by the HTC.
  • Proceeds from any sales are given to the club treasury.

Category 3:   

  • Items to be given away.
  • No charge except for possible shipping/handling expenses to be assumed by the person taking the item 

HTC booth at the annual Zofingen Surplus Party

In those years where the HTC rents a booth at the Zofingen Surplus Party, club members are welcome to bring their equipment and place it on our tabletop for sale.

In this way, members have a convenient way to offer their equipment for sale without the cost of having their own table. Normally we have an informal limit of one to two units per member; for other volumes, please contact the club officers in advance. Each unit must be accompanied by a written statement describing  its condition and functionality, suggested cost and the seller's callsign. Units that are not sold during the Surplus Party must be picked up from the booth by 1500 local time at the latest.

In any given year, members will be notified in good time whether or not the HTC will be participating in the Surplus Party.