About the HTC

The Helvetia Telegraphy Club consists of amateur radio operators who promote and preserve the special art of telegraphy. We strive to achieve that goal through a number of efforts, which include among other things putting our calls (HB9HTC and HB9HC) on the air, through Morse Code training broadcasts, in-person courses to assist those learning Morse Code, the development of a software program dedicated to helping those learning CW, issuing certificates of competence to recognize those who have passed the HTC Morse Code exam, participating in CW contests and not least by members supporting other hams with real-world, practical assistance.
Homebrew projects
We further acknowledge that the operating mode CW has a close tie to low-power QRP operating -- and in this regard, within QRP we include every type of small homebrew project. In this sense, the HTC serves as a QRP club in Switzerland. By exchanging knowledge and experience as well as through regular events and mutual assistance among our members, we hope to get hams excited about homebrewing and provide support for it. After all, building and modifying radios is one of our special privileges as amateur radio operators.
Other activities

The HTC is also closely tied to the National Mountain Day Contest, which its members organize under the auspices of USKA (the Union of Swiss Shortwave Amateurs); for details see NMD

Besides being a member club of USKA, we are also a member of the EUCW (European CW Association.

As for our history: on September 15, 1980, a group of 14 telegraphy enthusiasts founded the HTC. Today the HTC consists of 170 full members who mostly live throughout Switzerland, while a few also live abroad. Our past club presidents were Karl HB9AIY, Herby HB9BTS, Hans HB9UH and Gerald HB9IRF.

If you have any questions, please address them to the Board of Directors at this address: vorstand@hb9htc.ch

All English translations by Paul HB9DST / AA1MI