HTC Morse Code Fun Callenge

Morse Code Fun Challenge. This will take place at two times/locations: first following our Annual General Meeting on 8 February 2020 at the Restaurant Traube in Küttingen AG; second at the USKA Hamfest on 15 August 2020 in Cham. Once hams demonstrate CW receiving proficiency at levels ranging from beginner to advanced, we will award them with fun momentos to mark our anniversary such as cloth patches, coffee mugs and pens.

Rules of the Morse Code Fun Callenge

Win one of our HTC anniversary momento prizes!
Listening challenge
By hand: Write what you hear with pencil and paper, manual transfer into the software and quick simple accuracy check in the HB9HQX Morse program
Keyboard input: Enter what you hear at the keyboard. Automatic accuracy check, word spaces must be correct (as seen in the screen shot below)
Keying challenge
Keying: Straight keys and paddles both permitted; use of your own mechanical keyer is also allowed.
Text to send: From the PC screen, upon special request also from paper
Text format:  7 groups (1 line) each with 5 random characters, plus plain text (German, French or English) in 5-character words
Software: We use the HB9HQX Morse V7 program; which you can also use to prepare for this challenge.
Speeds: You are free to select your speed greater than 60 cpm in steps of 10, no upper limit.
Procedure:  Short warm-up run followed by a maximum of 3 runs within a maximum of approx. 10 minutes total per candidate.
Reward: Every candidate who achieves a result of fewer than 3 errors is rewarded with an anniversary momento as a prize
Training: Practice ahead of time allowed and encouraged.
Registration: Registration using a Doodle will be set up in advance of the meetings so as to ensure efficient use of the allocated time.
This is NOT an examination, so keep things relaxed and fun!
Participate, let’s liven up our gathering and bring your enthusiasm for Morse Code!
We look forward to seeing you there!
Example run
In the new HB9HQX Morse V7, the setup is selecting with User Profile 5.
Example run Errors are indicated by the background color red, the amount expressed by a number on the Play window on the left side. Get more details about errors as shown on the right.