HB-OCWA Lottery  -  Celebrating the HTC's 40th anniversary

Hams who during 2020 achieved any HB-OCWA award level participated automatically in the HB-OCWA 40th Anniversary lottery drawing. We congratulate all the winners, of whom several sent us photos with their prizes (see the full list further down this page):
HB9TWU Gregoire HB9DAL Alfons OE3KAB Karl


The full list of winners:

Elecraft KX3


Elecraft KX3
Elecraft KX1



ATS-4B Was donated to SOTA as auction item to finance the organization. The auction resulted in £332.87 going into the SOTA bank account.

SOTA auction announcement


Begali Sculpture See Bruno using the Sculpture in action: Download mp4 file here

Begali Adventure
  ARRL Handbook 2021  HB9EWO
  ARRL Antenna Book HB9DFQ
  Praxisbuch Antennenbau (in German, by Max HB9ACC, HTC member)  HB9FGS
  RSGB Amateur Radio Operating Manual